Character features depending on the blood group


Character features depending on the blood group

Blood group contains important information about the red blood cells of each person. Besides physical scar, however, blood group influences on the character of each of us. Check out what scientists found:

  • Blood group 0 (melody). These people are calm and patient. They have a strong will and are very stubborn. Happy forever, they are best in adapting their temper to life’s circumstances. They love to earn money and spend it with a flourish. Pragmatic, ambitious, optimistic and seductive, they are born stars. The risk is a way of life for these people. They are self-centered, selfish, proud and extremely stubborn. They consider themselves leaders and when they want something, they get it at any price. They are jealous sometimes.

  • Blood group A (Harmony). These are people who are sensitive, gentle, sentimental, vulnerable. They are creative people. Interested in the mysterious and aerospace. They live in harmony with the world and others. Very often these people are guided by sympathy. They prefer sensitivity to aggressiveness. They often turn inward, they are worried. Polite, reserved, cautious and always ready to sacrifice. They are introverts, and directed to the inner world. These people are often nervous and pessimistic (when it comes to one off cleaning, for instance). They are hesitant when it comes to change.

  • Blood group B (rhythm). These individuals are profound and persistent, they love order and plans. They have an independent and conservative nature, but are very militant. They are lively, cheerful, optimistic, kind, good. People with this blood group are very vigorous, disorganized, sensitive and even self-centered. They tend to adventure and love entertainment.
  • Blood group AB (Complexity). These people have extensive temperament – melodic, harmonic and rhythmic. However, they suffer from deep contradictions. They want to be everywhere and have everything. They tend to frustration, anxiety and pessimism. Their mental wounds heal slowly. Sometimes their reactions are extreme, bordering on self-torture. These people are careless, compassionate, creative, artistic, conciliatory. Their moods change often. They are extroverts and introverts. Everything they do seems interesting and compelling to others. These individuals look mysterious and cool. They contribute to harmony among others. They may become real friends with their maids.

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