Change one element, get a new room!

Are you bored with your home? Do you want to get new fresh look or you want to turn it into stylish and modern home?

Let’s start from the bottom! – Although the floor is the lowest part of the room, it has a great impact on the way the room feels. Depending on the amount of space you have, you will have a couple of options.

  1. Repaint the wooden floor

Use polish to make the floor shine and to brighten it. We recommend using a bright colour to make it stand out and make it the feature of the room.

  1. Change the carpet

You can just replace it with little squares that can be arranged in different ways – like chess board or in stripes, it depends on your preferences. Best carpet deodorisers.

Changing the walls

What you can do with the walls? – Your possibilities with this step are endless.

  1. Changing the colour

You can paint all the walls or just one, whole or partly, with shapes or leave them plain. Panelling is also a huge hit at the moment. Click here for colour schemes.

You can even use wallpaper to get this effect.

  1. Mirrors and artwork

Put a mirror or artwork on the wall. You can choose as many as you like and order them in any way you want. Having them in no particular order makes it look ‘edgy’ and trendy.

New furniture

Getting new furniture is exciting and is definitely the biggest change in the room. If your sofa looks old, knackered and dirty, why not buy a brand new one?

Getting rid of your old furniture such as sofas, armchairs and carpet is much easier by hiring a rubbish clearance company. Visit this page to see what can be taken away.