Change one element, get a new room!


Change one element, get a new room!

Are you bored with your home? Do you want to get new fresh look or you want to turn it into stylish piece of jewelry? If all these can happen without expensive exhausting renovation, it will be even better. Get the paints and the scissors – we will create!

  • Let’s start from the bottom! – Although the floor is the lowest part of the room it has great impact over all other elements in it and mainly on its look.  Depending on what is your floor coverage you have a couple of options.

  1. Repaint the wooden floor – use polish to make it shine or be bold and use colour to make it stand out. One off-beat idea is to draw shapes on it and to colour differently.

  2. Change the carpet – or just replace it with those little squares that can be arranged in different ways – like chess board or in stripes, it depends on you.

  3. Linoleum – you can do the same as the carpet but here be careful with the angles – you don’t want it to hobble you.

  • What you can do with the walls? –Possibilities here are literally endless.

  1. Change the colour – all the walls or just one, whole or partly, put shapes or leave them plain.

  2. Wallpapers – same as the paint.

  3. Mirrors and artworks – one or many, ordered or in chaos, all the different ways have some charm in them.

  • What about the furniture? – If it should be one, it should be the biggest piece in the room. If your sofa is old or stained and the upholstery is worn and dirty, give first the upholstery sanitising a try. If it can’t be saved, change it. With beds the situation is similar – one new cover and a couple of decorative pillows can do miracles.

  • Ceiling ideas – you can repaint, change or simply add some decorations – the ceiling can be a part of the room or its outstanding focal point. Even if you change the chandelier for a couple of moons it will bring new sensation.

  • Use plants – one or whole group, they can easily transform your room to a jungle or a field. Take one advice from professional carpet cleaners – if you think to put plants on the rug, put some plastic or other kind of pot to avoid muddy stains or kids /pets incidents/, because they can be hard to remove and can destroy your floor cover.