Carpets and bugs – the truth

Buying a stylish carpet that matches both – your interior design and your family budget – isn’t the only thing you need to consider, when you decide to make such a purchase. As a matter of fact, with the purchase, your job does not end since any rug – no matter what it is made of – requires a decent maintenance. There is no need to speak over the idea of hygiene at home. It is pleasant, healthy and beneficial for the beauty you add in the domestic atmosphere. Though, you need to be aware of one extra truth about the carpets – if they are dirty, they attract and accommodate bugs.

Once they come in your life, it is hard to get rid of them! Keep in mind this! Check out some helpful facts and tips:

  • Too much dust is a problem that any home suffers from. Though, when the dust gets deeper in the carpet, a very pleasant environment for home bugs is created. That is why regular vacuuming is very important. No matter how lazy or tired you feel, never skip this housekeeping chore and try to make it on a weekly basis – at least!

  • Stains made of food are also very attractive for different kinds of pests – including the ones that spread disease and allergens across your living space. Yes, the unspoken rule of acting immediately refers to this subject, but it is not enough to protect your house. Every time you remove a stain from a carpet, finish the procedure with some thorough disinfection.

  • A good preventive measure against bugs in carpets is sprinkling dry solvent – whatever you choose – or baking soda before doing the though steam carpet cleaning. As you know the hot water extraction method is 100% safe and effective against all kinds of grime and bugs will be out after it.

  • If you already have bugs at home, always start the examination of the source in the carpet. You may probably need some professional assistance so do not be too scrooge for paying the expert carpet cleaners and let them help you get rid of the awful pests!

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    Your carpet contains trapped germs and bacteria within its fibres, dirt that you cannot see but it can still pose a health risk. If you’re based on the Central Coast, start looking for the right group of carpet cleaners today.

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