Carpet cleaning tips for long-lasting carpet lifespan

If you maintain your carpet properly and regularly, it will last twice as long. This is a rule that no one can actually confute. However, it is also an entire strategy that consists of several operations and specific approach you need to be familiar of. And what is more important – you need to perform them in time.

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See our cleaning tips for long-lasting carpet lifespan:

  • Vacuuming must be frequent, wise and intensive. This chore is the most common and important one, when it comes to support your carpet hygiene. On the other side, it helps reducing bacteria amount and bad odour removal, as well. If you want to keep your rug for longer, simply vacuum it at least twice a week by adjusting the machine at average level and always start the operation with an empty clean bag!
  • Stain encyclopaedia. Carpet spots are different and unfortunately there is no universal product in the store or old-fashioned formula that can clean everything. Wine stains, for instance, must be sprinkled with salt, but fatty remains require hot water and liquid invasion towards the grime. We suggest you to make a list of all common spots that might appear and write for a solution (better search in the web) for them! Thus, you will be always prepared for accidents.
  • There is nothing wrong in using professional equipment in your DIY carpet treatment. For example, natural and delicate items are recommended to be sanitised with a dry carpet cleaning machine! Though, if you hire such a gadget, always ask for information how and when to use it. Note that there are types of rugs, which require special tools and techniques.
  • Do not place any heavy objects on the carpet. Carpet ghosts might appear even on the most durable rug. If you are limited by the narrow space at home, just simply skip the carpet instalment or at least put it in another room.

Wash or refresh your carpets not only when they become extremely dirty and repulsive.

If your sanitising solutions are moisture-based, always dry the carpet with materials at hand – hairdryer, vacuum cleaner or even the fresh air from the outdoors!

For more information about carpet cleaning, get in contact with our team of specialists.