Business etiquette in telephone conversations


Business etiquette in telephone conversations

In the business world there is a certain etiquette of communication when it comes to telephone calls. These rules can help us in private life and in all cases where it is necessary to “sell ourselves” well or when we want to make sure that we send the right signals to the other person when we’re on the phone. Rules often come from good culture, but there are specific tricks that you should know:

  • To pick up the phone or not? We begin with the call and answer to the phone. According to business ethics, if you are the one who called – wait three to five rings and close. Waiting longer, you might enter violently into the space of the other even without saying a word. If you do not respond, you can send a text message with a short explanation why you expect to return the call. If you call – consider whether you can speak. It’s not accidentally that “red phone” means “busy signal”. If you are busy, you’d better not pick up. If you press the red handset sign, it’s obvious: “do not worry, I’m very busy.” Much more understandable for the other person is not to raise than to hear you shouting or whispering into the phone how busy you are and how you can not talk right now.

  • Greeting. There are different ways to answer the call. If it’s a business line or you use your phone mainly for business it is good to tell your name and the name of the company with lifting the handset. Phrases: “Good afternoon / morning / evening”, “Hello”, are also required. A smile is something that psychologists say that is felt even on the phone. Even you talk with the local carpet cleaning company, don’t skip the smile and the greeting.

  • Introduction. As the other person can not acquire impression on you in any other way except through your voice during the phone call, and it is still in the beginning, you should be sure that you performed well and what you will talk. With one or two sentences enter the listener in the conversation. That’s valid when you arrange your upholstery cleaning service too. Before continuing the conversation, make sure that you are aware of who is calling and why. In case you skip this step, you can confuse and think that talking to someone and actually talk to someone else with the same name, for example.

Could you point some other important rules concerning phone calls? Share with us your experience!