Best carpet for your pet


Best carpet for your pet

 You might accept your dog or cat as part of your family and you want them feel comfortable. That goes for your carpets and floors, you don’t want your dog to slip on the corners or your cat to be stuck in the fabric.

Pet owners search for carpeting that have the following characteristics: durability and stain resistance. For most people it would be better to step aside from fluffy carpeting as the pet hair could thicken in it.

If you are wavering between laminate and vinyl flooring, we would point out a few advantages in favour of vinyl floors:

  • It is non-slippery
  • It is waterproof
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It is made in various patterns

Why laminate floor is not so suitable for pets:

Pet accidents absorb in the surface

  • It is slippery for paws (and slippers)
  • Continuous mopping wear and swear out the laminate

So what to buy? For cats, dogs, bunnies, guinea pigs and any other paws pattering around the house the obvious answer is vinyl or polypropylene twist pile carpet. Useful advice – always choose the colour of the flooring or carpeting near to the colours of your pet’s fur, so that you don’t spend every waking minute in hoovering.

When choosing colour, most people conclude that darker colours are more suitable for carpets, because they would conceal spills and stains. This is only half true. Despite the fact that dark carpets and floors hide grime and marks from little accidents, they are not able to hide white, grey and golden pet hairs.

If your pet sheds a lot of hair, consider buying a carpet in its colours. Or another wise possibility is to choose a carpet in assorted colours and the pet fur will not be apparent at a glance.

Twist pile carpets are great and elegant option, because they have solid-coloured fibres and could be unrestrictedly steam cleaned without risk of any damages.

Helping tips:

  1. Have your carpeting professionally fixed. Your pets definitely will claw and scratch, and this could lead to pulling the edges aside.
  1. Select your carpets and rugs to be soil resistant. Many carpets have factory protection against common drink, food and oil spillages, but it’s not necessary to have protection against trapped in soil. When you get your carpets and rugs professionally steam cleaned, ask for Scotchgard fabric protector, this could save you lots of efforts in scrubbing.
  1. If you or a member of your family are asthma or allergy sufferer, better install vinyl flooring, so that you could mop daily (or multiple times a day) and germs, bacteria and dust mites have no chance to hide and thrive.

If you need expert opinion and honest attitude, feel free to contact us and ask anything about cleaning. We have wide experience in pet stain and odour cleaning, and would help you gladly.