Best carpet deodorisers


Best carpet deodorisers

Carpets and rugs at home are substantial parts from the interior design. They make a room look complete. In winter, carpets and rugs warm the floor surfaces, and in spring some types of fibres preserve coldness. It is very easy to continue with naming the advantages of carpets. Rugs have dozens of purposes and it is pointless to name them, too.

However, mentioning carpet cleaning solutions is, as a matter of fact, much more useful and helpful. Every housewife should know the best carpet treatment for her own home. Thus, the pleasant atmosphere in a house is guaranteed and the convenience is certain. Except for keeping it from dust and dirtiness, though, it is not the only technique you should put into practice.

Aromatic actions are also needed for a fresh and clean carpet. Check out the best carpet deodorisers. Find your own way to remove the bad odor from a carpet or use them in a combination to refresh the old rug in the dining room:

  • Old wool is perfectly sanitised and disinfected with vodka. The big amount of alcohol kills the microbes and no smell of food is left.

  • Essential oil – of course, don’t pour out the entire bottle of tea tree or fruit oil on the carpet. Mix just a few drops in a spray bottle and refresh the carpet. Little amount of the liquid is not harmful, only a lot of water left over the carpet can cause mould. In case the situation is serious and your carpet needs some more drastic approach, mix the oil in a bucket with three litres of water. Dry the carpet immediately! Use the natural sunlight or the hair fan drier.

  • Vanilla and cinnamon are familiar to you in biscuit and cake preparation. Although, they are perfect carpet deodorisers, as well. Sprinkle two spoons on the affected area or over the entire carpet. Hoover in one hour!

  • Your old perfume – every woman has a hidden perfume in her wardrobe. She doesn’t use it either because she doesn’t want to offend her husband, or because it is too aromatic for her delicate soul! Use it on your carpet!