Beautiful climbing plants for your home and garden

If you have a garden, then you are definitely a fan of beautiful vines.

It would be amazing to decorate it with beautiful flowers making it look colourful &delightful. Before decorating your garden with flowers and fruits you may want to clean it up first so there is enough space for plantation.

Many gardens already have trees in them and many people do not find the need to hire services to remove them. It is easier and more helpful to consider tree pruning which removes dead or decaying branches to get rid of hazards. If you were considering tree removal in order to redecorate your garden, you may find tree pruning more efficient. Click here to view more.

Learn more facts about these 3 plants:

Do you know that Dipladenia originates from South Brazil? It grows very rapidly, reaches a length of 5m and its soft fragrant flowers are pink and red, yellow, white. It blooms all the summer – from June to September. Dipladenia loves bright places and semi-shaded spots. Experts recommend not to expose it to direct sunlight, in order to avoid deformation of the leaves. Be careful not to overdo with watering.

It originates from South America. It’s coloured most often in overflowing white and purple. It sprays gorgeous, intoxicating fragrance. This flower blooms from June to September. It’s interesting to know that the stem reaches up to 7 meters and is developing very quickly. In order to bloom more profusely, it’s recommended to pinch colors of young shoots. Whether in your garden or terrace, sow it into the permeable soil and place the pot in a sunny location – best east or south. You have to water sparingly. Keep in mind, that Vigna is a honey plant and collects the bees with their colors. In October-November crop it and store for the winter.

This is a tropical, beautiful plant with fragrant flowers. Stem reaches up to six meters in length. It likes sunny places and permeable soils. Pandorea is suitable for garden and balconies. It blooms from June to September. Pandorea withstands frost to about minus 5 degrees, so it should overwinter indoors.

If you want a gentle climbing flower with essential colors, Polygonum cuspidatum is for you. Its flowers are small, white and numerous. The plant grows quickly, blooms from May until late September, and in warm weather even in October. It likes sun and copious watering in summer. It’s very suitable for balconies and gardens. However, while it is still tiny, grow it in a pot and store it during the winter.

Well, now you are much more informed about these beautiful climbing plants.