The latest wedding traditions that you need to know about!

Your wedding was considered to be the most important day in the life of two people. Having to start their life today is a festive tradition that has been turned out into a family holiday. Find out how to budget.

There are a lot of special superstitions and ceremonies that every married couple does. Here down you may find the newest wedding traditions that have been going for the past few years:

  1. The wedding cake. Slicing the wedding cake is a tradition in almost every wedding and a culmination point of the ceremony. Photos are taken, breaths are held and all eyes on the lovers. Yet some people choose to go for the more appropriate way of having smaller cakes or even cupcakes as a dessert for their guests.
  2. The first dance. That used to be a slow first dance on a touching ballad and tender gestures. No, recently couples have chosen to liven things up – special costumes, dance routines and even theatrical lessons have been undertaken.
  3. Bouquet tossing. That is something that has been replaced with special speech from the bride to her closest friend or honouring a special mentor or even the parents.
  4. The dramatic exit. Instead of being escorted by a shower of rice off to a bridal car, couples choose to stay to the very end of the feast. They prefer to make sure their guests are home safe and sound and arrange transport means.
  5. The special toast. Instead of having the parents, the maid of honour or the best man, newlyweds stand up and thank their guests for sharing that special day. They also toss some funny jokes.
  6. The signature cocktail. Surprising all guests with a drink that has been done personally from the couple is trend to become a tradition.
  7. Preparation for the wedding. This has changed massively in recent years. Brides are undergoing treatments such as permanent lip liner to enhance their looks and improve their appearance on the big day.

A lot more and fancy trends are finding their place into the wedding days. It is up to couples to decide which to follow and which to amend. Click here to see what accessories you could match with your flowers.