A rustic entryway – valuable tips


A rustic entryway – valuable tips

Do you want to make a feel good environment at home with combination of different styles? If so, rustic entryway is a good choice. Rustic style brings cosiness to the place. But to do it well, you have to be careful not to overdo it. Especially if you don’t to make your place look like an old barn.

Take a look at our simple tips and decide: 

* Colours

Choose not so sharp colours – preferably pale ones. Focus on brown and white. Change the floor with wooden boards, or at least they should resemble wood. This is practical and nice way to change the vision of your entryway. Don’t use anything that resembles gold or silver. Anything purple or pink is also forbidden. It will ruin everything!

* Walls

Walls are better when they don’t resemble wood, unlike floor. On walls, it is advisable to choose stone-like textures. Otherwise you can use some paint effects to make the place look rustic. Some metal-made shelves are good to bring the concept into the place.

* Furniture

It is advisable to be wooden. And the timber of the furniture should have the same colour as the floor. If it’s different – better place the chairs and cabinet somewhere else. For the entryway you don’t need a lot so you can call a carpenter to make the furniture you need. Also timber fitment is good for the home cleaning, because wood is sustainable to chemicals in cleansers.

* Ceiling

This is the final touch that fills the entire picture of the entryway. Nothing makes the place more rustic than timber beams placed on the ceiling. The construction technology has long forgotten these types of buildings. But it is widespread in villages. If you don’t want to place real beams, there are plenty of imitations on the market. Some people prefer those imitations because they are lighter than real ones. If you do a good job, post tenancy cleaners may not even notice that there should be no beams in there.