A cure against bad smelling kitchen – a bunch of various tips


A cure against bad smelling kitchen – a bunch of various tips

Homemade food is great – especially if you tend to establish a totally health regime for yourself and for the entire family. Junk food is something that really threatens people’s good physical health and according to new researches – spiritual condition. However, cooking at home brings one risk, as well – the bad odour! No matter how prudent and diligent you are in housekeeping, once you start preparing your own bio food at home, your kitchen will start stinking. This is not a good reason, though, to quit cooking. What you need is a cure against bad smelling kitchen. See the following bunch of various tips and choose what suits you at most:

  • When frying products, the smell in the kitchen spreads at most and at the most horrible way. This means the entire room and even beyond stinks of potatoes, meat or your favourite spices will capture the environment. The best way to avoid this is to remove the frying utensil on the balcony right after the process. Note that your clothes will absorb the smell, too. Before laundering, soak them in a white vinegar + water solution for half an hour.

  • Every time you overcome a huge sanitising procedure in the kitchen, finish it with airing. No matter how amazing your cleansing methods are, the space may be refreshed only, if the air is also refreshed.

  • Consider buying or making your own (since you are a fan of eco-friendly lifestyle) deodorisers. The best helpers for this mission are citruses and formulas with essential oils. Of course, you may always choose something more exotic and get an expensive deodoriser with an original aroma.

  • People, who live in a studio, where the kitchenette is not separated in a single premise, should be more frugal in cooking. It is recommended for them to do it in the evening, when the airing will be more effective or at once. Appoint a cooking day and perform more meals at once in order not to maintain the smell constant.

  • Keep your kitchen utensils, gadgets and plates always shining and fresh! Disinfecting them is as important as carpet cleaning in the living room, for instance. Use tested detergents and do not be scrooge once you observe that a hot plate or the set of coffee cups should be changed with new ones!

  • Once you scent a bad odour out, replace it with a good one! For example – vegetable and fruits may spoil, if you keep them out of the fridge. This will spread a terrible smell across the kitchen. Neutralise it by making some sweet cookies or spicy Indian meal, which will smell terribly great!

Use these tricks in end of tenancy cleaning, too. Kitchen is a top priority to landlord – you know that, right?