9 Reasons to Love Autumn


9 Reasons to Love Autumn

Summer is among the favourite seasons of many people as the sun is shining, they can take the well-deserved summer vacation, visit a place they have never been to, wear lighter clothes and make wonderful memories. That sounds really good but if you consider those who love sunbathing and unbearably hot weather total freaks, you must be impatient for the autumn to come and enjoy the cooler weather and the colourful parks. Even if you are a fan of sizzling temperatures, you’d better read on and find out what makes autumn a beautiful season and why you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy it.

Even if you are a fan of sizzling temperatures, you’d better read on and find out what makes autumn a beautiful season and why you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy it.

  • Summer is the season associated with home improvement projects. If you have spent the summer days in keeping an eye on how the home renovation was going, now you can take a break, hire a cleaning company to help you handle the mess the after builders have left and enjoy the new conveniences at home. As the saying goes, there’s nothing better than a bad weather. Don’t you like the idea of spending some quality time with your loved ones in your refurbished living room?
  • Autumn is a season when the weather is still nice, but the temperature is not so unbearable. You need a sweater in the morning, but you can wear a t-shirt at noon. You realise that the nice weather is not going to last long and you do your best to fit a pleasant activity into your busy schedule. What do you think about going to the countryside, taking tons of pictures and enjoying the tranquility and the beautiful autumn shades? Autumn is the time when the best pictures are taken. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to capture the beauty that Nature has created. Even if you cannot spend the weekend away, you can at least go for a picnic in the park.
  • If you do not make compromises with the cleanliness at home, autumn motivates you to thoroughly clean the house and reorganise your wardrobe. Performing domestic cleaning in the chilly weather is much more effective –  you won`t get distracted by the hot weather, you will feel more motivated plus you will be able to make your windows sparkling because cleaning them on a sunny day will result in leaving streaks.
  • You might have had an unforgettable summer vacation, but you must like the autumn holidays. Remember when you were a kid, you were impatient for the autumn to come so you can enjoy the holidays? And the best of all is that you can officially start to countdown the days until Christmas holidays. Autumn keeps you occupied with going back to school and going back to work tasks, but don’t forget to spend some time in enjoying the beautiful autumn landscapes.
  • Your favourite TV shows start in the autumn. As the weather gets colder, you will spend more time indoors and even if you have nothing to do, you can always watch a TV show that helps you shake off stress.
  • Cold weather is usually an excuse to prepare yourself a cup of hot delicious chocolate, bake a cake and make the kids happy or just spend the evening in your reading corner. In other words, autumn motivates you to do the things you have neglected in the summer when you spent your free time outdoors.
  • Autumn is the time when you can hit the sales. If you define yourself as a practical person, you would not miss buying some clothes for the next summer. There are some pretty awesome discounts and you can finally afford a bunch of expensive summer clothes at a greatly discounted price. Of course, don’t forget to buy some clothes for the autumn. Warm scarves, boots, sweatshirts… Autumn fashion is really fascinating.
  • You might have never paid attention to this before, but waking up and hearing the sound of the rain can be extremely soothing. Just imagine a lazy Saturday morning, you are not supposed to go out and all you have planned is spending the entire day covered in fluffy blankets, watching movies and keeping an eye on the raindrops sliding on the window.
  • There is something romantic in the falling leaves, the couples taking long walks in the park, the homemade pumpkin pies. Everybody appreciates the last sunny days for the year. Your friends are more likely to hang out and you are happy that you spend almost the entire weekends together.

There are so many reasons to love autumn. You just need to find the thing that makes you happy and take your time to appreciate the beauty around you. Every season is fascinating in its own way and even if you are not particularly keen on wearing boots and carrying an umbrella whenever you want to go out, you can at least focus on the positive things!


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