8 Things To Do With Rice Water


8 Things To Do With Rice Water

If you are interested in the Asian culture, you must have heard about rice water and its vast applications. Asian women have been using it as a beauty solution for ages. It contains invaluable ingredients that make the hair stronger, helps you fight skin issues, etc. Sometimes, they add some essential oils to rice water and the pleasant scent lingers for a long time. If you have never used rice water for your beauty rituals, you are probably suspicious towards the benefits it brings and you prefer to stick to the skin tonic of a popular cosmetic brand. Well, it would not hurt to experiment. Even if you are very careful about what you apply to your skin, rest assured that rice water is completely harmless. Plus, it has a few applications around the household you can also take advantage of.

  • You have tried different cleaning approaches but nothing was able to remove the splash of sauce from your t-shirt or the fruit juice from the towel? If the pieces of fabrics are white, treat them with bleach and then boil them for 10 minutes in rice water. If they are colourful, go ahead and submerge them into the rice water without treating them with bleach. Then, you can proceed with the standard laundry ritual. Rest assured the stains would be gone for good.
  • Rice water has antibacterial properties and therefore, it can be used for disinfecting surfaces, items of furniture, chopping boards and even cleaning dishes and silverware.
  • In order to remove unpleasant smells from the chopping board, sanitise the silverware or remove rust from the knives, you have to simply submerge them into rice water and let them sit overnight before you proceed with tossing them in the dishwasher.
  • If you have booked painting services, but you cannot stand the smell of the new paint, you can treat the newly painted surfaces with rice water. Soak a cloth in rice water and wipe down the surfaces. Of course, make sure the paint is fully dried before you do that.
  • Here is a homemade recipe for a dishwashing cleaning solution containing rice water. If you have the patience to prepare the solution, you can expect fantastic results. You will need the water you get from the first rinse of the rice before you start cooking as well as some brown sugar. As for the quantity of the brown sugar, you can experiment, but make sure you add 100 gm to every 2 litres of rice water. Mix the substances well and wait seven days for the solution to get ready for use. If you consider the smell too obtrusive, you can add a few drops of your favourite essential oil or a few lemon peels.You still have to add some dishwashing detergent for making the dishes clean, though. The rice water solution does not produce any lather, so you are supposed to add some dishwashing liquid.
  • It would be unforgivable not to discuss the beauty purposes of rice water in detail. As for its benefits for the skin, rice water can be used as a facial cleaner and toner. You just have to substitute your regular face cleaning product with rice water and apply to your face. The rice water promotes the cell growth, keeps your skin unblemished and radiant, helps you fight eczema and acne. It is also the perfect solution for relieving irritated skin. If you have exposed yourself to sunlight for too long, use cool rice water to relieve the burnt areas.
  • Rice water brings numerous benefits to your hair as well. One of the ingredients of rice water is inositol, which strengthens your hair and reduces surface friction. If you rinse your hair with rice water, it will become shiny, strong and healthy. If you want even a better effect, you can add a few drops of essential oils. (Lavender and rosemary are the best.) Shampoo your hair as usual and rinse with the rice water solution. Massage your scalp for a few minutes and rinse. It is up to you how often you will treat your hair with rice water, but if you want to get great results faster, you are advised to perform that beauty ritual at least twice per week.
  • The above solution can also be used as a hair conditioner. Apply the rice water but also add essential oils solution to your roots. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse with plain water.

Believe it or not, the rice water is also suitable for drinking. It is said to have a number of health benefits. Probably one of the reasons why Asian women preserve their beauty throughout the years is that they drink rice water and green tea instead of fizzy drinks, containing tons of sugar. It does make sense, right?


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