7 bad and stubborn carpet stains

7 bad and stubborn carpet stains

Carpet cleaning is easy, simple and possible at home, when there are no stains! Quick refreshment of your brand new rug in the bedroom or in the dining room may be done by several new or old-fashioned cleaning solutions! The necessity of professional cleaning services is not imperative! Though, things get really nasty, when bad and stubborn carpet stains are on the focus! Some of people get scared, others – don’t feel skilful or informed enough to manage with the situation without professional cleaning assistance!

Carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal, though, are as easy as calling the local cleaning company! Knowledge and information – these are the keys to success! You know the telephone number of the professional cleaning firm in your hometown, don’t you? So, you can also learn some good tricks for carpet stain removal! See 7 bad and stubborn carpet stains and how to eliminate them:

  • Animal urine – save for the big revolting spot, this stain leaves some really disgusting smell behind itself! To remove it from your carpet, use club soda! To tell you the truth, some citrus fizzy drink is recommended, because it will leave some good aromatic flavour!

  • Milk and beer – they can be easily and perfectly removed with some carpet shampoo! By the way, always have some good and tasted carpet shampoo at home! Keep it next to your favourite and most used cleaning supplies – accidents happen and they usually happen on your carpets and rugs!

  • Oil – blot it with toilet paper or some tiny microfibre! Then, sponge with a dry tool and finish with white vinegar! You can use this carpet cleaning technique for any kind of greasy spot!

  • Shoe polish – it could be better, if you polish your shoes outside your house, but in case you don’t stick to that rule, use dry cleaning fluid!

  • Vegetables, fruits and juice – sprinkle some washing powder and let the carpet absorb it! Then, grab the sponge and start rubbing gently! Pour some white vinegar and cold water finally! Dry carefully and be careful next time with your salad!

Removing carpet stains can be very frustrating especially if you have tried everything you could possibly think of.

If you are having problems with carpet stains and feel like it is something you will never be able to get rid of, you may find that contacting a professional cleaning company such as Perth Home Cleaners is the answer you need. You will be guaranteed to be satisfied with the outcome. Click here for professional Steam Cleaning For Your Carpets in Perth.