5 spices to be in great shape


5 spices to be in great shape

Don’t worry, because this time you will not read about foods that you should limit, because they are not healthy. Did you know that you can lose weight with the help of spices? It appears that some of them have beneficial influence for your body:

  • Cinnamon. Besides that it is recommended for many diseases, this spice is doing great against parasites and bacteria in the digestive tract, preventing the normal processing of food. You need about 40 days to make sure that it is effective and even with plenty of accumulated weight. Drink it regularly in the form of tea with a little honey. Or get used to take half a teaspoon of it before eating (in tea or coffee, juices or milk) and you will be very pleasantly surprised – this spice definitely helps you deal with your desire to eat sweet. If you add some carpet cleaning, you will definitely burn some calories.

  • Cloves. This spice has the ability to accelerate metabolism, which helps weight loss. Another important feature is the ability to reduce blood glucose and insulin levels to normal. But there is a side effect that we should not forget when using cloves. It increases the production of stomach acid.

  • Cardamom. Not very known in our kitchen, but in contrast, it can add a pinch of it in tea or coffee, to declare war on weight. Cardamom increases heat generation, and helps to boost metabolism. In India it is considered one of the most effective herbs to aid digestion.

  • Cumin. Add a teaspoon of it plus a glass of water in the kettle and let it boil for 2-3 minutes. After cooling down it is ready to drink. The taste is not as terrible as you imagine it, and the effect is sure – another spice helping us to accelerate the metabolism and improve the digestive process. In addition, domestic cleaning also helps you to be fit, because you move a lot during the various household chores.

  • Dill. Unlike previous spices, this does not increase metabolism, but decreases appetite. Its extremely useful oils help to neutralize some carcinogens in food. You know that it is a wonderful remedy for infant colic. Here, however, there is again preventive measure – do not abuse with it, because it increases the acidity of the stomach.

So, now you are more informed about the numerous benefits of these 5 spices. Take advantage of them and be always in good shape.