5 important tips for your first renting

  • Find a rental that will suit your budget. It is recommended to spend 30% of your annual income for house expenses. So, in this price, you should include – the rental payments, tenancy deposits and all the extras. On the other side, this price may vary according to the different residences. It is quite possible for you to pay more if you live in central London districts such as Chelsea and Fulham.

  • Test everything. The very moment you enter the property, start testing the gadgets, think where you can place your own heavy and big things. The main goal behind this is to manage considering whether flat suits you or a house is fine enough for you and your family.

  • Make yourself look like a desirable rental – and if you can, be so! This may give you a chance to ask for a lower rent price. If it does not work, save your trump card for later. When the landlord likes you, lots of privileges may come in the future – you may be provided with professional regular home cleaning services for free or with some home improvements that are both not mentioned in your tenancy contract.

  • Ensure that the property is in a tidy and presentable state, that all appliances work, all carpets have been cleaned and there are no obvious signs of wear and tear that have not been attending to
  • Immerse into your new environment as fast as you can. The faster you will adjust, the better your new rental life will become. Also, it is always good to know where you can find an important thing in your neighbourhood – the drugstore, the most budget-friendly supermarket and etc. Do not underestimate the neighbours, too. Who knows, maybe you will become your future end of lease cleaners by giving you good help.

  • Before moving and during the first days in your new home place keep everything in good organisation. The best way to do it so is to write! Make checklists for every day till all the things get in order.