5 common mistakes, which could “destroy” your budget


5 common mistakes, which could “destroy” your budget

You can easily find manuals that advise on how to become rich. Some of them are quite successful, some – less…But happiness is not actually in the money, but in the way, which we spend it. We’ve compiled a list of 5 anti-advices (and advices) for you – check them out:

  1. Shopping for entertainment:

Anti-advice – use shopping as an essential activity for lifting your mood. Do not waste unnecessary time in compiling a list of purchases. So you will spend about 30 percent more than anticipated;

Advice – make purchases according to your budget and your shopping list. It may not be fun, but at least you won’t run out of money two weeks before taking salary, for example;

  1. Image is everything

Anti-advice – never stop caring how you look in the eyes of others. Do not hesitate to take credit. When you give a present to someone, it should be sumptuous and luxurious. When you go on vacation, choose only expensive hotels;

Advice – it is good to plan not only for larger purchases, but also going to the restaurant. Do the following: calculate all the money that you gave last month to improve your image and see what everyday things you could buy with that money;

  1. Debit-Credit

Anti-advice – it makes no sense to plan your expenses. First – it takes valuable time. Second – it is much more enjoyable to spend according to your momentary mood;

Advice – if you have no real idea how much money you have, then you really could default. So it may happen that the amount, which you want to cover important expenses, has been spent on unnecessary items.

  1. “Economic mode”

Anti-advice – try to save always and everything – notice only the price not the quality of the product. So you can buy the same thing several times. Do not use the services of specialists.

Advice – the basic rule of intelligent saving reads: seven times think, one time buy. You are about to move into another house? It is best to rely on professional cleaning services for thorough end of tenancy clean up.

  1. There is plenty of time!

Anti-advice – are there many years until retirement? If yes, there is no need to think about it now;

Advice – it is good to take care of the time when you will not be working. Compose your financial plan and be interested in pension funds.