5 big mistakes when dating a modern woman


5 big mistakes when dating a modern woman

She looks very stylish and her outfit is fancy. Even though she is not promoted yet, she finds time for her appearance and she is about to get what she wants from life. She is not scared of having kids and career at the same time. She is smiling and radiant even in her biggest lifetime crisis. She is the modern woman! You are totally in love with her. The last thing you want to do is to lose her. So see, then, the 5 big mistakes, when dating a modern woman. And you might have bigger chances to keep her:

  • Showing up in messy appearance. No one says you need to wear Armani suit, when taking her on a walk. On the contrary, be casual, but decent. The point is that dirty and torn clothes will repel her. She can handle her look, so you should, too!

  • The too busy nature will also make her go away. Who said the modern woman isn’t busy, too? Things like “I will call you in few weeks since I have a serious project in the office” will not hold her. It is even better to let her help you than making her waiting for you.

  • Making you comfortable in her both – life and home. Too much rushing will disappoint her. Eventually she will leave you. When you visit her house for the first time, act as you are a guest. Be more attentive with wine. She is a modern woman and she maintains her luxurious sofas with professional upholstery cleaning. Respect that, please!

  • The X factor. Modern woman does have plenty of telling for her past and ex-boyfriends, too. But she will not burden you with this weight. Don’t do it, either!

  • Keeping things tight. Mostly, we mean the budget. One day, when you start living together she will hate your stupid money-saving tips. They are quite nice and wise. Though, if you keep pushing her following them, she will not be happy. She is a modern woman and she succeeds handling everything, because she uses modern techniques and services – babysitters, carpet cleaners and etc.!