Month: April 2017

9 Reasons to Love Autumn

  9 Reasons to Love Autumn Summer is among the favourite seasons of many people as the sun is shining, they can take the well-deserved summer vacation, visit a place they have never been to, wear lighter clothes and make wonderful memories. That sounds really good but if you consider those who love sunbathing and unbearably hot weather total freaks, […]

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The latest wedding traditions that you need to know about!

Your wedding was considered to be the most important day in the life of two people. Having to start their life today is a festive tradition that has been turned out into a family holiday. Find out how to budget. There are a lot of special superstitions and ceremonies that every married couple does. Here down you may find the newest […]

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Business etiquette in telephone conversations

  Business etiquette in telephone conversations In the business world there is a certain etiquette of communication when it comes to telephone calls. These rules can help us in private life and in all cases where it is necessary to “sell ourselves” well or when we want to make sure that we send the right signals to the other person […]

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