Month: November 2016

Aromatherapy for small kids

  Aromatherapy for small kids Childish smell is extremely developed – they can distinguish flavors that their parents do not even detect. According to psychologists, even at the beginning newborns don’t recognize their mother visually, but only by the smell. We should be particularly attentive to the child’s tender nose and we should use small doses and safer oils. Learn […]

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Change one element, get a new room!

Are you bored with your home? Do you want to get new fresh look or you want to turn it into stylish and modern home? Let’s start from the bottom! – Although the floor is the lowest part of the room, it has a great impact on the way the room feels. Depending on the amount of space you have, […]

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Best carpet deodorisers

  Best carpet deodorisers Carpets and rugs at home are substantial parts from the interior design. They make a room look complete. In winter, carpets and rugs warm the floor surfaces, and in spring some types of fibres preserve coldness. It is very easy to continue with naming the advantages of carpets. Rugs have dozens of purposes and it is […]

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